Name: Reyna Mazzotta 

 Area: Orlando, Florida

  • Specializes in Character Design and Digital Illustration.

  • Likes video games, especially fantasy adventure genres.

  • Can make literally anything out of Lego.

  • Favorite colors: Teal, Purple, and Lime green. But they're all good.

  • Favorite animal: Tigers 🐯🐅❤ 


International Academy of Design & Technology (2013)

Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts for Video Game Production


Bad Pilcrow/ThatWhichIs Media - Time To Die: Adventures (2016)


[Play on PC] [AppStore]

Bad Pilcrow/ThatWhichIs Media - Time To Die: Dungeons (2015)

Lead Artist

[Play on PC]

Terncraft Games - Neo Victorian Skirmish Squad (2013 - 2014)


Team Non-Sequitur Theater - Mac: Lion Tamer (2013)

Team Lead, Art Director, Concept Artist

Freelance Artist (2008 - The day I die.)

Logo Design

Business Branding

Character Design

Private Art Commissions